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Connections enable different resources to communicate and work together, allowing you to build complex and scalable applications in the cloud.

In the Cloud Designer, Altostra provides different types of connections that enable users to easily integrate and orchestrate their cloud resources.

Connection Types:

Access Level

The Access Level connection refers to the permissions and policies set up to determine the level of access granted from a source resource to a target resource.

  • read-write straight line - the source resource can read from and write to the target resource.
  • read-only dash line - the source resource can only read from the target resource.
  • write-only dash line - the source resource can only write to the target resource.


a straight line with a direction arrow

The Trigger connection allows a source resource to activate specific actions or events on a target resource.


straight line

The Storage connection from CloudFront CDN to S3 Bucket allows you to easily store and distribute static content.


straight line

The Stream connection from Kinesis Stream to S3 Bucket stores and analyzes streaming data in real-time.

Stream Trigger

a straight line with a direction arrow

The Stream Trigger connection from Kinesis Stream to Lambda processes and analyzes real-time streaming data on events or triggers.


a straight line with a direction arrow

The Subscription connection from the SNS topic broadcasts messages to multiple recipients and services, enhancing application responsiveness and scalability.

To learn more about adding a filter policy to an SNS subscription go to: Add filter policy to SNS subscription.

Dead Letter Queue

a red straight line with a direction square

The Dead Letter Queue connection redirects failed or unsent messages from an SQS queue or FIFO queue to a designated error queue, ensuring timely troubleshooting and management of these messages.


straight line

The Authorizer connection from an API or WebSocket API enables you to easily add authentication and authorization to your APIs and control access to your resources, helping to secure your applications and data.

Key Access

straight line

The Key Access connection from Lambda to KMS allows you to easily encrypt and decrypt sensitive data using KMS keys, enabling you to protect your data at rest and in transit without the need for complex key management infrastructure.

Container Trigger

straight line

The Container Trigger connection allows you to automatically start and manage containerized workloads on Fargate in response to events, such as changes to objects in an S3 Bucket or scheduled times, enabling simple scaling of applications without managing infrastructure.


straight line

The Invocation connection from Lambda to Fargate runs containerized workloads flexibly and scalably in serverless applications.


straight line

The Domain connection allows users to securely access services like Web Socket API, CloudFront CDN, API Gateway, or any other web service for easy and efficient management of domain names and traffic routing.

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