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Lambda can connect to a DocumentDB Cluster:

  • Connection Types:
    • read-write - Lambda can read from the DB and write to the DB.
    • read-only - Lambda can only read from the DB.

After adding the connection, you can see generated environment variables that are now accessible for the Lambdas:


You'll need to use these variables in your code to connect to MongoDB:

  • DOC_DB_DOCUMENTDB01 - the endpoint of the cluster (host and port).
  • DB_SECRET_DOCUMENTDB01 - the secret IDs of user name and password of the cluster.

When we added the connection, we got the following recommendation:

  • Follow the recommendation in order to gain access to the DB - make sure that the Lambda Function and the Document DB Cluster are in the same VPC.

To learn more about accessing the DB from a Lambda go to: How to use AWS DocumentDB in your Altostra projects.

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