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Add filter policy to SNS subscription

Filtering SNS messages require setting a filter policy on top of the subscription's connection.

Add filter policy to SNS subscription

  1. Click on the SNS's sourced connection you wish to add the filter policy.
  2. Set Property, Type, Operator and Value of the filter policy rule.
  3. Click SAVE to finish editing the connection.

This will create a filter policy on top of the SNS subscription. The filter policy applies to the SNS's message attribute MessageAttribute. Check out AWS docs for further reading.

Add filter policy


  • Supports up to 5 filters
  • String type supports only string values, Number type supports only numeric values
  • Supports up to 150 combinations between the filters, for example, the following filter policy:

Combinations sample

The first key has a single value, the second has three values, and the third has two values. The total combination is calculated as follows:

1 * 3 * 2 = 6

Acceptable formats

Some operators support a comma-separated list of values, as detailed below.

String type

  • =, !=, In, Not In - support comma-separated string values.
  • Starts With - supports a single prefix string value.
  • Exists - doesn't require any value.

Number type

  • =, Not In - support comma-separated number values.
  • >, >=, <, <= - support a single number value.
  • Between - supports two number values that represent the range of possible values.
  • Exists - doesn't require any value.

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