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API Gateway

Add an API Gateway resource to your Altostra project

The API Gateway creates a REST API.
To add an API Gateway resource in the designer, go to the "Networking & Content Delivery" section and select the "API Gateway" resource, or search "api gateway" in the search box:

API Gateway resource

API Gateway properties

API Gateway resource properties


type: string | required

  • Altostra will use Name property for generating a logical ID:
    • Only strict alpha-numeric characters will be used (by the restrictions of CFN)
    • If non alpha-numeric characters were used in the name, the logical ID will be generated by the resource type
    • Up to 64 characters

CORS Type:

type: string | required

  • Enabling CORS for a REST API resource
  • Allowed values:
    • None | default
    • Simple


type: string | required if CORS Type is set to Simple

  • String of origin to allow

Minimum Compression Size:

type: number

  • Allow compression of response bodies based on client's Accept-Encoding header
  • Compression is triggered when response body size is greater than or equal to your configured threshold
  • The maximum body size threshold is 10 MiB (10,485,760 Bytes)

API Gateway Endpoint properties


type: string | required

  • HTTP method for which this function is invoked
  • Allowed values:
    • GET
    • POST
    • PUT
    • DELETE
    • ANY


type: string | required

  • Uri path for which function is invoked
  • Must start with /

Enable authorization:

type: boolean

  • Enables authorization for this specific Path and Method
  • Available only if the authorization function is connected

API Gateway connections

API Gateway connections

The API Gateway can connect to the following resources:

  • Compute
    • Lambda Function
      • Used for authorization users' requests
  • Security, Identity & Compliance:
    • Cognito Users Pool (only supported as an External Resource)
      • Used for authorization users' requests

API Gateway Endpoint connections

API Gateway Endpoint connections

The API Gateway Endpoint can connect to the following resources:

  • Compute
    • Lambda Function
      • Used for handling incoming requests
  • Analytics
    • Kinesis Stream
      • Used for writing incoming data records into Kinesis Stream

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