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Sometimes you might find that you need to create an AWS CloudFormation resource that is not yet supported in the Altostra Designer. In such case, you can use the CloudFormation resource. The CloudFormation resource enables you in input any valid CloudFormation template that will be added to the resulting template compiled by Altostra.

Altostra has several more custom resources like ECS, EKS, EC2, etc. that already have basic default CloudFormation configuration.

Keep in mind that the resources you add using the CloudFormation resource are not checked by Altostra for validity. This resource is meant to help you extend your needs beyond what is currently supported by Altostra, but at your own risk. Please feel free to submit a feature request if you find yourself using this resource.

Add a custom CloudFormation resource

  1. Open an Altostra project in Visual Studio Code.
  2. Switch to the Altostra view.
  3. Under Resources, click on CloudFormation to add a custom resource to your Blueprint.
  4. Click on the Edit icon for the newly added CloudFormation resource in the designer.Edit custom resource
  5. Enter a valid CloudFormation (template-resources) JSON object.CFN resources object
  6. Click SAVE finish editing the CloudFormation resource.

The JSON object you enter in this dialog must be valid to be set under the Resources property of a CloudFormation template.

For more information about the CloudFormation template resources format, read the AWS Documentation.

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