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EventBridge Event Bus

External EventBridge Event Bus properties

External EventBridge Event Bus parameters


type: string | required

  • Altostra will use Name property for generating a logical ID:
    • Only strict alpha-numeric characters will be used (by the restrictions of CFN)
    • If non alpha-numeric characters were used in the name, the logical ID will be generated by the resource type
    • Up to 64 characters

Use default bus:

type: boolean

  • A value that indicates that the default event bus of your AWS account should be used.

Event Bus Name:

type: string | required if Use default bus is false

  • The name of the event bus that is used.
  • Get from the AWS Console
    • Select the event bus from the event buses list in the AWS Console
    • Copy the Event bus name


External EventBridge Event Bus rules parameters
Rule Name:

type: string | required

  • The name of the event-bus rule
  • Must be unique per event-bus
  • ???
  • Profit!
Event Pattern:

type: JSON-string | required

  • A JSON object that specifies event-patterns to filter events
  • Each key must have an array of primitives, or an object that specifies nested event-pattern
  • For more information read about Event Rules in the Amazon EventBridge User Guide

Event Rules connections

Event Bus Rules connections
  • Compute
    • Lambda
      • Trigger lambda with event-bus events
  • Application Integration
    • SNS Topic
      • Send events to an SNS topic
    • SQS FIFO Queue
      • Send events to an SQS FIFO Queue
    • SQS Queue
      • Send events to an SQS standard Queue

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