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Route 53 Domain

Add a Route 53 Domain resource to your Altostra project

To add a Route 53 Domain resource in the designer, go to the "Networking & Content Delivery" section and select the "Route 53 Domain" resource, or search "domain" in the search box:

Route 53 Domain properties

Route 53 Domain properties

Route 53 Domain properties


type: string | required

  • Altostra will use Name property for generating a logical ID:
    • Only strict alpha-numeric characters will be used (by the restrictions of CFN)
    • If non alpha-numeric characters were used in the name, the logical ID will be generated by the resource type
    • Up to 64 characters

Domain Name:

type: string | required

Register in DNS:

type: boolean

  • Specifies whether or not Route 53 will create DNS records for connected resources

Zone ID:

type: string | conditional

  • Available and required only if Register in DNS is enabled
  • The ID of the hosted zone that you want to create DNS records in.

Route 53 Domain connections

Route 53 Domain connections

The Route 53 Domain can connect to the following resources:

  • Compute:
    • Web Service
  • Networking & Content Delivery
    • API Gateway
    • CloudFront CDN
    • Web Socket API

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