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S3 Bucket

Add an S3 bucket resource to your Altostra project

To add an S3 bucket resource in the designer, go to the "Storage" section and select the "S3 Bucket" resource, or search "s3 bucket" in the search box:

S3 bucket resource

S3 bucket resource properties

S3 bucket resource properties


type: string | required

  • Altostra will use Name property for generating a logical ID:
    • Only strict alpha-numeric characters will be used (by the restrictions of CFN)
    • If non alpha-numeric characters were used in the name, the logical ID will be generated by the resource type.
    • Up to 64 characters

Files Location:

type: string | required

  • A path to the folder inside your project containing files that you want to upload to the S3 bucket
  • Used during alto sync command

Access Level:

type: string | required

  • Sets permissions for unauthorized access to files inside your bucket
  • Allowed values:
    • private | default
    • public-read

S3 bucket connections:

S3 bucket resource connections

The S3 bucket can connect to the following resources:

  • Compute:
    • Fargate Serverless Container
    • Lambda function
      • You can use an S3 bucket to trigger your Fargate task or Lambda function on file upload, modification, or deletion.

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