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Parameters Store (SSM)

The Parameter Store is a managed service, provided by many cloud service providers, that enables storing configuration values and secrets in in a central safe location with optional encryption of the values.

Altostra does not manage this configuration or secrets, but rather enables you to connect your application's functions to it so that they can obtain the values during run-time.

Currently, the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store is supported.


To use parameters from the Parameter Store, you—or another user with sufficient access to the parameter sotre—must create the parameter values ahead of time by using the AWS Console.

Create the parameters store resource

The Parameter Store resource in an Altostra resource that represents a list of parameters to which the connected function requires read-only access. It does not translate to creating an actual resource.

Parameters can be configured in two ways:

Option A: Using a strict parameter path

You can specify the exact parameter name or path to which you want to grant read permissions.


Option B: Using an inclusive parameter path

When parameter name starts with forward slash (/) it can then be set to grant access to all parameters under that path, recursively.


Connect functions

In your project design, connect the Function resources that require access to the parameters, to the Parameters Store resource.


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