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Altostra Commands

In order to see the Altostra commands, press F1 and type Altostra:


  • Show readme - opens the readme file of Altostra for Visual Studio Code.

  • Designer - opens the Altostra designer.

  • Focus on Altostra View - sets the focus on the Altostra designer.

  • Login with Altostra account - login to your Altostra account using Github/Bitbucket/GitLab.

  • Logout current Altostra account - logout of the current Altostra account.

  • Switch Altostra account - login to a different Altostra account.

  • Initialize project - initializes a new Altostra project (prepares the infrastructure for working with the Altostra designer)


You can also initialize the project by clicking on the Initialize Project button in the Altostra Extension:

Init Button
  • Build - builds a SAM template of the current project for CloudFormation:


  • Invoke a function - runs a Lambda function from your project in your local environment.

    Invoke Function

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