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Import Project Troubleshooting

In order to be able to import the project into Altostra from a git repository, you need to grant Altostra access to this repository.

If you fail to import a git repository to Altostra, please check that:

  1. Git repository name is correct.
  2. Your git account is integrated with Altostra.
    1. Select IntegrationsGit in your Altostra web account and verify the connected git account is the right one.
  3. If the repository is hosted in GitHub, Altostra may not have permission to access that repository.
    Verify that Altostra can access your repository:
    1. Go to GitHub Applications settings page.
    2. Find the Altostra application and click on Configure right next to it.
    3. Under Repository access select All repositories or add needed repositories to the list.
    4. Click Save.


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