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Connect your accounts

Altostra is positioned between your organization's accounts and acts as a management system. The basic accounts you need to connect are your Git account and at least one Cloud account, such as AWS. In addition to these, you can also connect supporting services, such as logging, tracing, security and more.

Once you have your accounts connected, you can start deploying projects.

Log-in to the console

To manage your organization's configuration, integrations, environments, projects and deployments you will use the Web Console - a web application included with your subscription.

Connect your Git account

Once you login to the Web Console, head over to Settings page (click the cog icon in the top menu bar). Under Integrations, click Connect Git Account to begin connecting your Git account.

For more information about connecting Git accounts, read the Connect a Git account guide.

Connect your Cloud Service accounts

The Cloud Service accounts management is also located on the Settings page, click the cog icon in the top menu bar to get there. Under Integrations, click Connect Cloud Account to begin connecting your cloud account.

What's next?

Now that you have your accounts set up, it's time to install the development tools that you will be working with.

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