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Install the developer tools

Altostra comes with a CLI application and a Visual Studio Code extension.

The Altostra CLI is the primary way for developers to interact with the Altostra services on a local development environment, in scripts, in automation pipelines and in the terminal.

The code editor extensions provide a rich experience for designing application architectures and interacting with them, while relying on the Altostra CLI for executing operations, such as build and deployments.

Install the Altostra CLI

The Altostra CLI is installable using the node package manager (NPM) and requires the minimum of Node.js 10 to be installed.

In the terminal, run the following to install the Altostra CLI as a global package.

npm install -g @altostra/cli

Depending on your OS and installation of Node.js, you might need to run the command above prefixed with sudo

sudo npm install -g @altostra/cli

The command to use the Altostra CLI is alto. Run the following command to verify the installation:

alto --version

Install the Visual Studio Code Extension

The Altostra Visual Studio Code Extension is distributed via the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Install using the link above, or in Visual Studio Code, open the Extensions view and search for "Altostra".

Click install to install the latest available version.


Visual Studio Code automatically updates your installed extensions when new versions become available so you don't have to worry about updating.

What's Next?

Now that you have the developer tools installed, let's login and take a look around.

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