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Manage an environment

The environments available to your organization account are located in the Environments section of the Web Console. When you connect your first Cloud account, a default environment named Production is created for you and is linked to the Cloud account you connected.

Prior to creating an environment you must first have at least one Cloud Account connected. For more information on connecting cloud accounts, read the Connecting Accounts getting started guide.

Create a new Environment

  1. Go to Environments and click on Create Environment.
  2. Fill in a unique name.
  3. Select the account and region the stacks will be deployed to.
  4. Click Create to finish creating the environment.

You have now created a new environment with default configuration.

For information about environments in Altostra and how they work, read the Environments reference.

Manage parameters

The parameters that you set here will be available to all stacks deployed to this environment.

  1. Click on the environment name.
  2. Switch to the Parameters tab.
  3. Add or remove the parameters as needed.

For more information about parameters, read the Environments reference guide.

Manage settings

The environment settings page lets you change the basic information of the environment and the behavior of stacks in the environment.

Click on the Settings tab to manage the environment's settings.

Basic Information

  1. Enter a Name for the environment.
  2. Enter a Description for the environment.
  3. Click Save Changes to finish.

Log Shipping

The Log Shipping setting enables you to automatically send logs to a selected log aggregation account. If enabled, any stack deployed to this environment will have its function logs sent to the selected log aggregation account. By default the settings is set to None.

  1. Select the Log Aggregation account from the list to enable the Log Shipping setting, or select None to disable the setting.
  2. Click Save Changes to finish.

For more information about connecting log aggregation accounts, read the Connect a Log Aggregation account guide.

Delete an environment

To delete an environment, you must first delete all stacks it currently hosts. You can see the list of projects that have stacks in the environment in a list under All Projects in the Overview tab.

In the Settings tab, under Danger Zone:

  1. Click on Delete Environment.
  2. Click on Delete to confirm the operation.

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