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Connect a Git account

A Git account is a Git hosting service, such as GitHub and BitBucket—these are the currently supported services.

By connecting you Git account to Altostra, you enable core functionality in Altostra that enables you to create projects directly on you Git account and configure a two way interaction between the services for automating processes.

Connect a GitHub account

  1. Go to the Settings page by clicking on the cog icon in the top menu bar.
  2. Under Integrations, click on Connect Git Account.
  3. Select GitHub from the services list. A GitHub page for the Altostra GitHub App opens.
  4. Follow the GitHub app installation instructions to install the Altostra GitHub app.
  5. When the installation is over, wait for the Altostra page to process the installation. A message approves the success or failure of the process for Altostra.
  6. You can now go back to the Settings page to verify the account is connected.

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