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Create a new project

There are several ways to create a new project in Altostra:

  • From the Altostra Web Console
  • From the Altostra CLI
  • From a code editor

When you create a new project, you can decide whether to start fresh, use a template or use an existing project.

Create a project in Altostra Web Console

If you have connected a Git hosting account, such as GitHub or Bitbucket, Altostra automatically creates a private Git repository for new projects and pushes an initial commit.

Create a project

To create a project in the Web Console, go to Projects and click on Create Project, select a template and give your project a name.

Fill in the project name and select a template:


When then project is created, you are presented with the project details page. You can find the link to the Git repository under the project name. new-project-page

Clone the project to start working

Now that you have a new project, clone the project from you Git account to a local development environment and start working.

Create a project in Altostra CLI

For more information about the commands below and their options, refer to the Altostra CLI documentation.

Initialize in a new directory

Initialize the project:

# Create new directory
mkdir my-project
cd my-project

alto init
✔ Checking directory
✔ Initializing

The command alto new can be used to create a new directory and initialize it.
It accepts the same arguments as alto init.

Initialize from a template

List the available templates:

alto templates
✔ Getting project templates
Available templates:
* static-website
* simple-crud-service
* scalable-webhook

Then, initialize a new project from a template:

alto init --template static-website

Or, you can omit the template name to interactively select a template from a list:

alto init --template
✔ Listing available templates
? Please select a template to initialize a project (Use arrow keys)
❯ static-website

Don't forget to register the project.

Create a project in Visual Studio Code

Open the project folder in Visual Studio Code.

Initialize in a new or existing directory

Switch to the Altostra view: altostra-view

Click on the Initialize Project button at the top to initialize the project: init-in-vscode

Or, use the commands palette in Visual Studio Code (F1 or Cmd+Shift+P): altostra-cmd-palette

The project is initialized and the Altostra Designer displays an initial empty design.

Don't forget to register the project.

Initialize from a template

Switch to the Altostra view and click on the desired template in the templates list: project-template-vscode

Registering a locally created project with Altostra

Working locally is great for development, but in order to deploy a project it is first needed to be registered with Altostra.

By the CLI

To register your project with Altostra run:

alto import <project repository name>
alto import new-project
✔ Checking user credentials
✔ Working account: Altostra
✔ Importing a project from the repository

Name Created Project type Repository URL
new-project 2/1/2021, 5:11:22 PM altostra

From the Altostra Web Console

Simply commit the project to Git and push it to a repository in your integrated Git provider.

Then, in the Web Console, go to Projects and click on Import Project.
Select the repository from the list and click Import.

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