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Import a git repository

To create new versions and deploy a project, it must be managed by the Altostra web-console. If the project was created locally or by another team or account, it must be imported to the Altostra web-console first.

You can also import a repository that has a CloudFormation .yaml or .json file at the root, and we will create a project from it.

Import a git repository

  1. Browse to the Altostra web-console projects page
  2. Click on Import Project
  3. Search for the repository you want to import Select project for import
  4. Click on Import

The project is now imported. You will be redirected to the imported project in the Altostra web-console and can use that project as any other Altostra project.

Import AWS CloudFormation Repository

If you import a repository that contains an AWS CloudFormation template instead of an Altostra project, we attempt to convert that template into a fully managed Altostra project.

We will create a new branch and a pull request with an Altostra project and a conversion report. You are responsible for merging the pull request, reviewing the report and verifying that the project produces an equivalent CloudFormation stack when deployed. Please refer to Importing AWS CloudFormation templates for more details.

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