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Manage a project

Projects are accessible from the main Projects menu and from environments to which they have been deployed.

List and find projects

From the main Projects page

On the main Projects page you can browse and filter the full list of projects accessible to you. You can mark projects as favorites, create and import projects.

From an Environment overview page

Each Environment lists, on its overview page, the projects deployed to it. You can access each project by clicking its name.

Manage stacks

The project stacks page lists the summary information of stacks that were created from that project.

Click the stack name to access its details, or click the environment name to access the environment details to which that stack belongs.

Manage project versions

The projects versions page lists the details of project versions that were created for the project.

Delete a version

To delete a version, click Delete Version from in the actions menu to its right.

Deploy a version

You can deploy a project directly from a version on the versions page by clicking on Deploy Version in the actions menu to the right of the version.

Manage settings

From the project settings page you can rename the project, change its description and update its Git repository link.

Delete a project

To delete the project click on Delete Project in the Danger Zone section of the settings.

To delete a project, you first must delete all its stacks and let the delete operations finish. Only then you can delete the project.

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