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Git integration

Integrating your Git account allows Altostra to create repositories and pull requests for your projects.

Setting up a Git integration

Altostra currently supports Git integration with GitHub and BitBucket.

Use the following guides to setup Git integration with your Git provider:

Git integration features

Creating a project at Altostra will create a repository on your Git

After creating a new project, Altostra will automatically create a repository for the project. The repository name will be the project's name (if the name isn't available, Altostra will add a suffix to it) and contain an initial commit, initialized with the project's template files.

Create Project

Disconnecting the Git integration

To disconnect the Git account, go to Git Integration Settings and click Disconnect.

Once finished, your Git account will no longer be associated with your Altostra account.

If you later want to connect a Git account, you can do it from the same settings page.

Disconnect Git Integration

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