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Altostra CLI

Manage and deploy Altostra projects from your terminal.


It is assumed that you have Node.js and npm installed.

npm install -g @altostra/cli


To run Altostra commands:

alto <command> [flags] [arguments]


alto accountaccounts, team, teamsSwitch between personal and team accounts
alto activity-logList recently completed tasks
alto api-keyManage API keys
alto buildcompileBuild the project to an AWS SAM template and save to sam-template.json
alto configManage local Altostra configuration
alto consoleOpen the Altostra Web Console for the this project
alto deployDeploy an Altostra project
alto deploy-samDeploy an AWS SAM managed project
alto deploy-slsDeploy a Serverless Framework managed project
alto deploy-cfnDeploy an AWS CloudFormation managed project
alto docsOpen the Altostra documentation
alto endpointsdomains, get-domainsList the available domains for supported resources in a deployed Stack
alto environmentsenvironment, env, envsManage Altostra environments
alto importImport a project from a Git repository
alto initInitialize an Altostra project in the current directory
alto invalidateClear CDN caches
alto localexecute, execRun resources locally
alto loginLog in to your Altostra account
alto logoutLog out of your Altostra account
alto newInitialize an Altostra project in a new directory
alto projectsprojectManage Altostra projects
alto pushPush a new version of the project to your Altostra repository
alto stacksstack, instances, instance, deployments, deploymentManage project stacks
alto syncUploads files to buckets
alto tasksList currently running tasks
alto templatesget-templates, list-templatesList all available project templates
alto versionsversion, images, imageList the available published versions for the project
alto whoamiShows logged-in user


--debugLogs debug data to your temp dir
--helpShow help for a command
--verbose-vShow detailed information for commands to the terminal
--versionShow the currently installed Altostra CLI version
--textOutput results as plain text without decoration for piping to other commands
--jsonOutput results as JSON for piping to other commands

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