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Build an Altostra project and save as SAM template to sam-template.json.

alto build



The environment to use for configuration values during compilation.

Aliases: --env

Required: no

--config-set <config-file>

Specify a file with additional configuration values to use during compilation.

Aliases: --cs

Required: no

--parameter-map <map-file>

Specify a file with parameter-mappings to use during compilation.

Aliases: --pm

Required: no


Specify project directory. If not specified, project directory is assumed to be the current directory.

Aliases: --pp

Required: no


Select either json or yaml as the template format. Default: json

Aliases: --fmt

Required: no


If set, all missing configuration values for parameters are ignored. Otherwise, you must provide configuration values for all parameters.

Required: no

Providing configuration

If a project has parameters - they all must be satisfied with configuration values from the environment or provided by the --config-set option.

To remove this restriction and ignore any missing values for parameters, set the --ignore-missing-params option:

alto build --ignore-missing-params

Configuration values can be provided in two ways (which are not mutually exclusive):

  1. Specify a configuration-set file using the --config-set option
  2. Specify an environment using the --environment option

If you use both these options together, the keys from the configuration file will take precedence over the configuration sets in the environment.

alto build --config-set config.json --environment Production

Parameters mapping

A parameters-map file may be used to map between parameter-names expected by the project, and the provided key in the configuration-set.

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