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The alto invalidate command is used to invalidate the cache of CDN resources for a given stack of the application.

The command takes as an argument the stack where the CDNs to be invalidated are deployed.

You can invalidate specific CDNs or all CDNs in an application by using the --all and --cdns options. These options are mutually exclusive.

By default, if not specified, all paths on the CDNs are invalidated using the path value /*. To invalidate only specific paths, use the --paths option.

As a best practice, you should limit the scope of the invalidated paths whenever possible for better performance of you CDNs.


alto invalidate <stack-name>



The stack that contains the CDNs to be invalidated.



Invalidate all CDNs.

Aliases: -a

Required: no

--cdns <list of CDNs>

Invalidate only a given subset of CDNs.

Aliases: -c

Required: no


The paths to invalidate. Default is "/*".

Required: no


Specify the project working directory.

If not specified, project directory is assumed to be the current directory.

Aliases: --pp

Required: no

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