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Welcome to Altostra

Altostra is a no-code infrastructure platform that fits your workflow and accelerates modern cloud development such as microservices and serverless applications. It gives developers the freedom to code without dealing with complex infrastructure configuration or scripting. Shift your focus from cloud architecture to business value.


vscode extension showcase

Quickstart guide

Local development setup

Altostra CLI

Requires Node.js 10 or above to be installed.

npm install -g @altostra/cli

Altostra extension for Visual Studio Code

Install from the terminal:

code --install-extension Altostra.altostra

or from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Work on a project

We'll use the Hello World project as an example. Make sure you have created it by clicking on Try Me on the welcome page in the Altostra Web Console.

Pull and open the project

# replace the URL to fit your account
git clone

Edit the project

Open the project in Visual Studio Code, the Altostra designer will open automatically.

code hello-world

Deploy the project

If you connected your cloud account

alto deploy hello --push --env Production

If you haven't connected your cloud account yet

alto deploy hello --push --env Playground

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