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CLI Configuration

The Altostra CLI configuration let you set and control various aspects of the CLI usage.
For example - we can set Altostra CLI to automatically login for us when we try to execute a command while being signed out.

To control the Altostra configuration - we typically use the alto config commands.
They allow us to read the current configuration, set it or reset it.

The Altostra configuration can be set either globally or per-project basis - and let you create configuration namespaces with different configuration options, and activate them when necessary.

Configuration Options

Altostra let us set predefined configurations, each controlling some aspect of all or some of the Altostra commands.

To list the available configuration options, and their current values - we run alto config list

alto config list
✔ Listing configuration: 
active-config: (String)
autoLogin: true (Boolean)
currentTeam: my-team-id (String)
requireCleanRepositoryOnPush: false (Boolean)


The active-config configuration option lets us select a namespace and use the configuration defined in it.

For more information, see the Namespaces documentation.

Default value: '' (an empty string)

alto config set active-config my-name-space


A value that indicates if the CLI perform login prior to command execution when the executing user is signed out.

When set to true, if the user is not logged in, or if their sessions has timed out - the user will be logged in before executing the command.
Otherwise, command execution without authenticated session results in failure.

Default value: true

# Set autoLogin to `true`
alto config set autoLogin true
# Set autoLogin to `false`
alto config set autoLogin false


The ID of the team on behalf of which commands are being executed.

Default value: '' (an empty string)


Avoid alto seting this configuration as it can render the CLI nonoperational.
You can only execute commands on behalf teams you are member of.

Use alto team to select a team available to you from a list.

# Display the current team ID
alto config get currentTeam
# Reset the current team
alto config unset currentTeam
# Set the current team from a list
alto team


A value that indicates if the CLI requires a clean git repository when alto pushing.

When set to true, executing alto push version-name requires a clean git repository - that is a git repository with no uncommitted changes.
The commit sha is saved with the version metadata - so it is possible to find the specific commit a version is based on. Otherwise, no clean git repository is required, and no commit sha is saved the version metadata.

Default value: false

# Set requireCleanRepositoryOnPush to `true`
alto config set requireCleanRepositoryOnPush true

# Set requireCleanRepositoryOnPush to `false`
alto config set requireCleanRepositoryOnPush false

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