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Altostra "Environment" is a target for deployments. "Environment" specifies Data Center location (aka region) and unique parameters for future deployments in your cloud account.
Any time you create a new stack for a project, you must specify the environment to which you wish to deploy it.

"Environment" consists of the following attributes:

  • A name, for easy of use.
  • A location, that specifies the account and region to deploy to.
  • Zero or more parameters, that provide the parameters for stacks.
  • Optional policies that determine certain aspects and additional capabilities that extend each stack.

Environments provide an easy way to abstract the attributes listed above by giving them unique name (Environment Name). So the users don't have to remember all these attributes for every deployment.

You can create multiple Environments in the same location (same cloud account + region), and define different Parameters in each Environment.


Parameters are sets of key-value pairs. They enable you to provide configuration values to stacks that have parameters configured on their resources. The parameter values are applied during deployment, both when creating new stacks or updating existing stacks.

By using parameters, you can share and reuse configuration between stacks for each environment, and you can configure stacks differently for every environment. For example, you can use a parameter for the domain name that differs between your Development and Production Environments.

Copying an existing environment

You can duplicate any environment you have in any other account/region (or even in the same one), with the entire environment configuration at the click of a button.

  1. Log in to your Altostra team account
  2. Click on Environments -> View all environments
  3. Click the three-dot menu for one of your environments in the table and select the Copy option
  4. Make any desired changes to the form and click on the Copy button
  5. Done!

Copy environment menu item

You can also copy the environment by clicking the Copy Environment button on the specific environment page.

  1. Open any environment page
  2. Click the Copy Environment button
  3. Make any desired changes to the form and click on the Copy button
  4. Done!

Copy environment button

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