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Project Versions Repository

All project versions in Altostra are saved in a bucket owned by the customer - that is the Project Versions Repository. Altostra does not directly store your projects, source code or build artifacts.

The first cloud services account you connect in Altostra, will be the default account and will host all versions of all your projects.

Every time you use the push command, a new project version is created and uploaded to the project version repository.

Project version always contains:

  • Blueprint - the version's cloud infrastructure design.

And can optionally contains:

  • Source files. For example, when you use Node.JS and JavaScript.
  • Build artifacts. For example, when you use compiled languages such as Java.
  • Any file that you decide to include.

When you deploy a project, the version name you provide during the deployment is used to fetch that version from the repository and deploy it to your account.

While stored privately in your cloud account, Project Versions Repository can be easily managed and compared from your Altostra Web Console using versions metadata.

Creating a new project version

To create a new project version, use the push command:

  1. In your local development environment open a terminal and switch to your project directory.
  2. Run any build process if your project requires it.
  3. In the terminal, run:
alto push <version-name>

New version is now available in your Project Versions Repository.


Mange project versions

Search by version name:

Search by version name

Filter by dates:

Filter by dates

View version details:

View version details

Deploy any project version to any Environment:

Deploy any project version

Compare different project versions:

Compare different project versions

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